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Tourist day deux. Today we went across the Millennium Bridge (pretend to be on Spooks! No sign of Harry Pearce) and into the Tate Modern. The Tate was great as usual - instead of trying to hang the entire collection in a humongous space so you get museum fatigue seeing it all, they only have 2 floors of their permanent collection and they rotate it around a lot. I was happy though as they had some Francis Bacon paintings on show. On the subject of the sunflower seeds -I have a lot of time for conceptual art, and am not one of those ignorant idiots who complain that modern art" is "shite" - but the sunflower seeds seem rather pointless to me. I guess the idea was for people to run around in them, but they aren't letting people do that any more.

Then we walked to Borough Market to discover it was closed. Southwark, btw, has become hipster central. However hipsters like to eat well. We ended up having lunch in a very unhipster pub called the Shipwright's Arms. Then we walked across Tower Bridge (in the rain at this point) and walked back to the flat.

Later we went into the West End. Found a row of Korean restaurants just behind Centre Point and had a very tasty and relatively inexpensive dinner (25 quid for 2). Then we had some slightly expensive ice cream in Soho, Speculoos flavour mmmmm.

Being a tourist in London is fun.

Date: 2011-02-28 08:18 am (UTC)
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I'm a huge fan of modern art from futurism to the present but I do feel that some instalment art (exceptions for the likes of really telented individuals like Rachael Whitreed) is so often a total con.


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