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Paradise Lost last night TOTALLY ROCKED.

They played a 90 minute set. The first part was every song off Draconian Times (as they were touring that album). Which they did extremely well. Excellent atmosphere in the crowd too. Then they did two encores. The important difference between them and other bands is it seems they won't come back on stage unless they think you are ASKING for an encore. So it took them a while to come back the first time as the crowd weren't loud enough. They then did 4 songs off their more recent albums, disappeared again, then returned again (I started the wave of clapping and shouting that got them back on) to do some of their older, more hardcore metal stuff. Although the latter isn't really something I'd buy they did a fantastic job of them at the gig.

It was a bit weird in the pub beside the venue beforehand - usually in Edinburgh if I see a load of people with long hair, beards, piercings, black tshirts with band names on them etc or goths, odds on I know at least one of them, but of course I knew none of these guys, kept doing a double take though! DH commented there weren't many goths, I pointed out they were either at Whitby, or broke after Whitby.

However my back is not happy this morning after being made to stand still, more or less, for 3 hours. OUCH.

I actually bothered to get dressed up and put on makeup for this, which has made me resolve to wear makeup more often again, because I love the way it looks. (Remember I am she of the 140 eyeshadows).

Re the support: boring. They were technically competent, but if you are going to dress the entire band bar the singer in nazgul/ninja cloaks where we can't see their faces, the front man needs to make up for it, and he, despite a really cool antichrist bishop costume, had absolutely no charmisa at all. It was like watching a bunch of music students practicing, with no awareness that c. 1000 people were watching them. Pity - they would otherwise have been quite decent.

The Forum in Kentish Town is the new Astoria btw - just without the grime, crappy toilets and door staff with attitude.

Not so honourable mention to the 2 idiots in front of us who spent the ENTIRE GIG (not exaggerating) taking photos with their instamatic cameras. Now, I know lots of people take a couple of snaps, but this was right the way through every song, and their photos will have been uniformly SHIT. Getting good snaps at a gig is pretty damn difficult due to the lighting conditions, [ profile] davefish does this professionally and is very good at it - but pictures taken about 15 feet back with an instamatic are not going to be looked at again. All they did was make it harder for short people to see anything (I was wearing my new rocks with the 3 inch platforms - always come in handy at gigs).


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