Jan. 15th, 2011

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Dear Useless Bunch of Shites ISP,

Dear Sir/Madam,
I signed up to your broadband service in mid-November 2010 and I have not at any point had a working connection. After a month of working with your tech support department, I decided that as the service you provided was not fit for purpose I wished to cancel.

Your customer service department appears to be unable to handle my request and keep asking me to phone your support department to test my router although I have explained that I have done this.

The sequence of events has been as follows:
Initial Activation: I was unable to access your service using the router you provided. Your technical support department carried out extensive tests on the router, twice, unsuccessfully.
Second and third router test: I tested a second and third router, with the same result as the first. Your support department diagnosed an authentication fault at your end and said they did not know when it would be fixed.
Request to cancel: I sent you an email requesting cancellation on December 14th 2010. This appears to have not yet been processed correctly. The correspondence is attached.
BT intervention: Customer service insisted I ring the tech support line again. Support informed me that the problem was with BT and they were sending out an engineer. They assured me that allowing them to do so did not prejudice my cancellation.

Here is what I would like to see happen:
1.You will complete my cancellation and forward me a MAC code within 5 days.
2.You will refund me my subscription fee for Nov/Dec in full within 28 days.
3.You will provide me with an address for me to return your router to and on receipt you will refund me for it in full within 28 days.
4.You will waive the subscription fee for Dec/Jan and any associated late fees in your system. s.
5.You will waive the 300 pound cancellation fee as your product is not fit for purpose.

I am also emailing a copy of this letter to your customer services department.

Yours Sincerely,

Dr actionreplay.


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