Jan. 22nd, 2011

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This is a furniture repair/DIY query that is relevant to Edinburgh as I'd be interested in knowing where in Edinburgh I can findthe relevant products/tradesmen to fix.

I have an antique walnut writing desk that I inherited from my gran. It has a small handle on the front for opening and closing a curved top. The small handle is secured to the wood by a screw, which has now come out as the wood has worn away a bit and so the hole is too big for the screw.

With a piece of IKEA furniture, I'd just get a suitable wooden dowel, glue it in, sand it down and drill, but with an antique I don't really want to do that! (as the item has value).

Does anyone know what the best course of action would be and if so, a) do I need to call in some sort of specialist firm, b) if I need plastic wood for this where would I get it (B&Q seem to do generic wood filler only), or other?

I am really hoping that the answer is not "you need a specialist antique repairer, try X&Y from Sighthill" but if necessary I will do that...

Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
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I was going to write a long and detailed entry but I am now lying on the sofa with ginger kitty on my lap...


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