Jan. 29th, 2011

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I want to go back, view my old entries and then delete most of those pre-2006. (worry about LJ going bust and the servers ending up in unwanted hands etc). Do I have to do this using the painful entry by entry delete function?
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The ISP didn't get back to me, apart from one of their customer service people being obnoxious with me on the phone on Tuesday. So I have hunted down the name of the CEO and am sending my follow up to his office:

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Dear Mr [redacted],
I have not yet received a reply from your company regarding my letter, sent recorded delivery and also via email to Customer Service, of Jan 15th, 2011, regarding my account cancellation, so I am addressing this letter to you rather than to Customer Services.

I have had no broadband service since I signed up with [redacted] in mid-November and as a result am legally entitled to cancel my service without penalty, something that Customer Services appear to be having some difficulty with. I requested a reply to my letter within 5 working days. I have not received any such reply as yet.

I did call your customer service line on Jan 25th at 14:30 and spoke to [redacted]. We had a conversation that lasted almost 30 minutes, during which she made a number of factual errors, which I now wish to set straight.

She stated that I had made no effort to contact your technical department: untrue
It is not the case that I have ignored repeated requests to contact your technical department about the connectivity issue. In fact, I called your technical support line on several occasions in December and January:
  • Wed Dec 1st, at 18:21, duration 9.27 minutes: discussion about the various routers I had tried and what to do next. At this point your technical team said they did not know what the cause of the authentication error was.
  • Tue Dec 14th: I rang your customer support department to cancel, who suggested I contact technical support again to discuss the connectivitiy issue, which I did: at 17.27, call duration 24;54 minutes.
  • Fri Dec 17th: at 8.53, call duration 8:45 minutes, further discussion with your technical department.
  • Jan 6th: at 08:01, duration 08:38, resulting in a callout of a BT engineer. Your technical department made it clear that my agreeing to the BT engineer callout did not prejudice my cancellation as BT own the physical line.

She stated that there was no record of no service on the line: untrue
On more than one occasion your support engineers have remarked that you have quite a long description of my connectivity issue in your system. You also eventually had to call out a BT engineer in early January – this indicates that the issue had not been resolved at this point.

(page break here)
She stated that it was up to you and your internal procedures whether or not to “release” me from contract: untrue
The 1982 Supply Of Services Act states that if a service is not provided with due care and skill (which in this case, it has not been – it has not been provided at all) I am in fact entitled to a full refund and you are certainly not entitled to charge me anything further. This supersedes your internal procedures as my statutory rights take precedence.

So, I will restate my requests from the previous letter:
  • You will refund me the service charge for Nov/Dec 2010 as no service was provided.
  • You will refund me the cost of the router you initially sold me.
  • I will send the router back to you by recorded delivery to the address of your choosing.
  • You will refrain from charging me for Dec/Jan, when there was no service either, and any late fees resulting from my not paying this charge.
  • You will waive the 300 pound cancellation charge.
  • You will send me a letter or email stating that you have done the above and that I am not liable for any further charges from you.
  • You will do all of the above within 28 days.
  • You will respond to this letter within 5 working days of receipt.

Furthermore, I wish to conduct all further correspondence on this subject in writing – email or print – only.

I look forward to hearing from you..

Yours Sincerely,

Dr actionreplay aka that PhD comes in handy when complaining 'bout stuff...

The reason I want the letter saying I don't owe them anything further is that I don't trust them not to fuck it up and then automatically turn my non-debt over to a collection agency. If that happens, I will have my "no, she doesn't owe us any money" letter or email from them.
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 As you will have gathered I STILL don't have broadband in my London flat, hence the lack of entries from me. I have been busy all week with the rest of my to-do list that accumulated over 3 months of being knackered before xmas. Since I started using those breathing strips there's been a huge jump in my quality of sleep. I'm still tired most of the time, but I feel morerefreshed and I'm not quite so crushingly bushed after lunch at work every day. I'm also finding that since I went on holiday I am not as tired during and after my weekly PT sessions - so there has been another minor improvement there.

<lj-cut text="mostly about hypomania and CBT">
Today I did my weekly business paperwork (and paid myself my monthly salary, printed out my payslip, and prepared my next invoice for sending). I am hypomanic this weekend due to quite a lot of stress at work during the week. Most of this stress is the usual software release date approaching fast stress that goes with my job, but I still need to watch out for how the mania is affecting me.

I tend to get a vicious circle of something irritates me, and because of the hypomania it irritates me a LOT and I obsess about it, so I get more worked up, which makes me more manic, which makes it irritate me even more... and if I had no self-awareness I would walk around shouting at everyone all day. However, with my CBT stick of doom, I am able to recognise this cycle and stop it before it starts. I then concentrate on simply observing and experiencing the irritation as an unpleasant sensation, but taking no further action. This is actually quite tricky to do as fresh sources of irritation creating new cycles appear constantly, but I've had a lot of practice. It doesn't remove all the mania-related stress amplification  - but makes it possible for me to behave normally and do my job although I am stressed up the wazoo (don't worry, this is normal in IT projects and things will be fine once we have completed this part of the job and we move on to the next - no-one is being mean or unreasonable).

So, major pat on back for me for being able to deal with my hypomania in such a constructive way. The other way is daytime chlorpromazine, not compatible with work unless boss is happy for me to snooze under my desk all day. I have also now recognised exactly how increased stress leads to increased mania, and can take steps in future to ensure when I know I am going to be stressed that I don't go out much and spend a lot of time lying down in order to calm the mania down. I will be taking double cpz tonight and going to bed for a nice long snooze.

As it's the weekend I need to not listen to that thundering horde of ideas up top that is telling me to reorganise all the cupboards, refold all the towels so they are pointing the same way, re-alphabetise my vinyl collection etc etc and just DO NOTHING. Since I love organising things it's not as if the place is a tip anyway, and I keep again using the CBT stick and telling myself that no matter how many impulses to be active I get, I must simply observe them and think hmmmm, ignore that - if I stay sitting down or lying down, however frantic I might feel, I am helping myself far more than if I also act on those thoughts. I know from past experience that this works.  I know that I do actually have to inventory the contents of the flat to check that we are not underinsured, so this is at the front of my mind nagging me, but that can wait a few weeks til I am no longer hypomanic. *swats thought AGAIN with insectocuter* *bzzzt FRY*. Good.

It also helps to tell myself that I can't do anything about being hypomanic, so not to beat myself up about it, but calm down and wait for it to pass, as it usually does.

However I do recommend eating jaffa cakes while doing so. 


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