Jan. 30th, 2011

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 Am currently playing Paradise Lost's Draconian Times nice and loud on the stereo to ensure DH is familiar with every track on the album before we see them play it live on April 1st. I have concluded that black and white kitty likes goth metal. Rock on dudes!

BTW remember that band Mists of Avalon from Finland, another goth metal outfit who played Whitby in, oh, 2000? They did sod-all from 2001  to 2009 but have a new album out. I sense that that album will rapidly be making its way to Scotland. They have one gig planned, in Uppsala in Sweden, their home town, this December, which makes me think that the band members are busy with regular jobs and kids and stuff these days. The album Here and After, which I bought at Whitby, was amazing.

Last night's double cpz plus 13 hours of sleep worked a treat and I was no longer manic, but loud metal is making me manic now. I think double meds again tonight on the train...
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 Some of you may notice that I have made all entries prior to 1st Sep 2010 private. This is because I will soon be looking for a new client/job after this job is finished, and I am worried that some day all my entries will end up linked to my name on google. It's not enough of a risk for me to stop posting publicly - my mental health benefits way too much for me to stop doing that given the low level of risk - but my old posts are of little interest to anyone but me.

I have gotten over my desire to selectively delete old posts. That was mania looking for a home organising task to do.

If for any reason there was anything you had a link or bookmark to (list of things to do in NYC in  2006 for example), let me know and I'll unprivate the entry. I'm not so big headed to think that anyone would be bothered, but I maintain links to travel-related posts on other peoples' LJs, so in case anyone else is a travel magpie like me....


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